Consider the various training and development formats

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Consider the various training and development formats described in chapter 8. Which three do you think would be most effective for developing the skills of IT engineers?  Which do you think would be the least effective? Explain your rationale and please conduct research to support your reasoning, citing at least one scholarly resource in APA format.

Reference no: EM131433803

The judge ruling in the lombardi case

The judge's ruling in the Lombardi case, ( USvs Lombardi Realty, Inc.) is in sync with the “no duty to rescue” rule. Which exception to the rule did the plaintiffs hope to use

Initial steps be to start planning for these changes

Be sure to use the textbook and other credible outside resources to substantiate your responses: Jennifer, the owner and manager of a company with ten employees, has hired you

Communicate the status of quality during a project

While cost and time are critical components of projects, how would you define the quality of a project? Provide some examples of project reporting metrics a project manager

Evaluate the pros and cons for formal disciplinary process

You have been asked to research the use of better recruitment practices and a formal disciplinary model to address the increased turnover and disciplinary issues in the mainte

Briefly describe nike and then list the key internal factors

Briefly describe Nike and then list the key internal factors you identified. Explain why these are the most important internal factors to consider when formulating strategy

Diversification create a competitive advantage for the firm

How can related diversification create a competitive advantage for the firm? Keeping the advantages of related diversification in mind, think back to the example in the chapte

How many containers should be used

A manager wants to determine the number of containers to use for incoming parts for a Kanban system to be installed next month. The process will have a usage rate of 75 pieces

Types of hazardous materials warning systems

Describe the two types of hazardous materials warning systems and their advantages/disadvantages to first responders. What changes/improvements, if any, would you suggest to


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