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Polar containers make high-end coolers for camping. The total task time needed to make a cooler is 360 seconds, with the longest individual task taking 50 seconds. Polar containers would like to set up a line capable of producing 50 coolers per 8-hour day. What is the task time? What is the maximum output per day? (hint: consider the longest individual task time.) show work

Reference no: EM13870477

Vision statement and the mission statement

Many people believe that the Vision Statement and the Mission Statement should be aspirational. Do you think the aspirational approach is incompatible with a specific and achi

Statistical tools and data analysis

Submit a paper and a spreadsheet that provides a justification of the appropriate statistical tools needed to analyze the company’s data, a hypothesis, the results of your ana

Culture is an organizational culture characterized

culture is an organizational culture characterized by an internal focus along with an emphasis on stability and control.  Represents the shared values about organizational fun

Types of health plans and their characteristics

Describe the 5 types of health plans and their characteristics. Explain the 4 methods of how providers are paid. List and describe the 3 categories of health plan revenue.

Compare and contrast core competencies and core capabilities

What is Lowe's globalization strategy how much active is outside the home market and how much is from foreign sales? Define, compare and contrast core competencies and core ca

Osha issued emergency temporary standards

For which substances has OSHA issued Emergency Temporary Standards? Why are retailers becoming more stringent about monitoring safety in Bangladesh factories? What approach ar

Imagine country where religious factions

Imagine a country where religious factions inside a nation want to have their own separate homeland. The government refuses, claiming that the territory in question, which com

Some intrapreneurs make discoveries that earn millions

Some intrapreneurs make discoveries that earn millions or even billions of dollars of product sales for the companies they work for, but because this was not provided for in t


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