Consider real software product called toggl

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Consider a real software product called Toggl. Spend some time researching Toggl to understand its basic functionality.

a) Please map out three to five pains that the product solves for its customers.

b) Based on your answer for question A, what the difference is between buyer pains and product features. Is one more important than the other? If so, why? How do they relate to one another? How should you, as an Salesel Development Representative , approach each differently?

Reference no: EM132184022

Determining the lowest transportation costs for the system

Transportation costs for the locations and costs, demands, and supplies for existing locations and warehouses (origins), are shown below. Each of the locations has a demand

A manufacturer of auto parts

Unipart, a manufacturer of auto parts, is considering two different B2B marketplaces to purchase its MRO supplies. Both marketplaces offer a full line of supplies at very

Illustrate what percentage of american families

illustrate what percentage of American families will live in an urban area. Illustrate what problems might occur if this model were used to predict the future population dis

Advances in technology have influenced treatment of disease

Advances in technology have influenced the treatment of disease and healthcare practice. Choose one of the following hypothetical healthcare situations. Identify and describe

Strategic scope of the horizontal acquisition

In this case study you are to analyze the strategic scope of the horizontal acquisition by Verizon Communications (hereafter referred to as Verizon) of Verizon Wireless from V

Discuss the implications of discipline policies

Despite a company’s best efforts in the area of personnel selection, training, and design, some employees will occasionally fail to meet performance requirements or will viola

Specifically describes the male reproductive structure

What are the requirements of library research? Why is this process an important aspect of a course project? If inventory is so difficult to manage, why don’t firms have their

Liver transplant in being rejected

One is an 18 month old infant whose first liver transplant in being rejected. The other possible recipient is a 7 year old recently diagnosed with liver failure. Who should th


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