Consider maximum positive and negative bending moments even

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ForWDL = 3 kN/m, WLL= 16 kN/m, A = 2000mm2, I = 200 x 106mm4, and E = 200,000 MPa (200kN/mm2); calculate the moment envelope values and plot the moment envelope curves(positive and negative). (NOTE: You only need to consider maximum positive and negative bending moments even though for a true envelope curve you would have to consider all pointsbetween the supports.)

Reference no: EM13533423

Determine by trigonometry the corresponding magnitude of r

Knowing that the magnitude of P is 35 N, determine by trigonometry (a) the required angle a if the resultant R of the two forces applied to the support is to be horizontal,

What is the max number of aircraft waiting during the hour

An airport runway has a capacity of 60 operations (ie landing and take-offs) per hour. In a particular hour, there are 30 landings evenly spaced over the hour. During that s

Determine a suitable drainage scheme for the new road

Your organisation has been invited to undertake studies to determine a suitable drainage scheme for the new road. You are also required to provide an indication of the new r

Find the effective rate of return per quarter to purchaser

A $10,000 bond that matures in 20 years with interest at 8% per year payable quarterly was issued 4 years ago. If the bond is purchased now for $10,000 and held to maturity,

Design traffic pole against torsion knowing angle of twist

The maximum wind pressure on the traffic sign is 200 kg/m2. The maximum allowable shear stress is 350 kg/cm2. Design the traffic pole (only vertical element) against torsion

Estimate the inside diameter and wall thickness of the pipe

Estimate the inside diameter, wall thicknes and outside diameter of the pipe. The carbon steel pipe has tensile yield strength of 250 MPa. Assume safety factore of 2 and a c

Determine the required diameter of the shaft

The pulleys attached to the shaft are loaded as shown.  If the bearings at A and B exert only horizontal and vertical forces on the shaft, determine the required diameter of t

Determine the true horizontal legth of the distance

A 100-ft steel tape was used in the field to measure a distance of 247.53 ft. the following data represents the conditions in the field at the time of measurement: tempreture


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