Consider continuous review inventory system

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Consider a continuous review inventory system. Demand is normally distributed with an average of 13,600 per month and a monthly standard deviation of 225 units. Lead time is one week (assume 4 weeks per month). If the firm desires a 97% CSL, how many units of safety stock should be held, and what re-order point ) should be used? (Keep 3 decimals for the standard deviation, but round and to the nearest whole number.)

Reference no: EM131115751

Addressing marketing research designs

What concepts and constructs may you employ to study this phenomenon? How are any of aforementioned concepts and/or constructs related to explanatory hypotheses?

Expanded globally and examine their management system

Company that has expanded globally and examine their management system. What are their values as a company? Do these values translate to their global market or are they only a

What are some of the issues that may impact

What are some of the contractor's responsibilities in establishing a quality assurance program? What are some of the issues that may impact the type and level of quality ins

Concentrate on obtaining better weather forecasts

An orange grower in Florida faces a dilemma. The weather forecast is for cold weather and there is a 50% chance that the temperature tonight will be cold and destroy his entir

Recycling program for paper waste

A university currently has a recycling program for paper waste. The fixed cost of running this program is $10,000 per year. The variable cost for picking up and disposing of e

How many different kinds of bicycles does best wheels

If bicycle sales are expected to reach 10,000 over the holiday shopping season, explain how many 26 inch bikes should Best Wheels plan to produce. Explain how many 10 speed

Determine whether the organization embodies the principles

Detail any lessons learned and evaluate strategies that you as a manager will either avoid or engage in when designing the structure, building culture, and managing change i

Emergency planning is an ongoing process

Emergency planning is an ongoing process. As disasters strike other regions, we learn much about practices we can implement in our own region to promote safety. What are the b


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