Consider a continuous review inventory system

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Consider a continuous review inventory system. Demand is normally distributed with an average of 36,000 per month and a monthly standard deviation of 320 units. Lead time is one week (assume four weeks per month). If the firm desires an 83% cycle service level, how many units of safety stock should be held?

Reference no: EM13960217

Exeter mines produces iron ore at four different mines

Exeter Mines produces iron ore at four different mines, however, the ores extracted at each mine are different in their iron content. Exeter has three customers that produce s

Determine how cost effective hybrid cars

You have been hired as a consultant to determine how cost effective hybrid cars are in the light of increasing gas prices. Assume: the hybrid car costs $30,000, and goes 50 mi

Statistical tools and data analysis

Submit a paper and a spreadsheet that provides a justification of the appropriate statistical tools needed to analyze the company’s data, a hypothesis, the results of your ana

Change requests or the need to maintain reserve

Project costs can be affected by many factors such as inflation, change requests or the need to maintain a reserve. Explain any one factor and how you will act on it. Narrate

New business venture-planning phase

Discuss how a SWOT analysis should be used as an analytical tool that can help you work through all the information you have about your business. Why should an entrepreneur co

Discuss main points and evidence presented from each article

Evaluate the assigned readings. Be sure to include the following: Briefly discuss the main points and evidence presented from each article. What conclusions did the author's r

What is transformational leadership

What is transformational leadership? What leadership skills do transformational leaders possess? What role do transformational leaders play in leading change? Should all top m

What is total annual cost for plant inventory-transportation

Product is shipped from plant inventory to warehouse inventory 3000 miles away. The product is worth $263 per unit at the plant and monthly volume is expected to be 10,000 uni


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