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Consider a continuous review inventory system. Demand is normally distributed with an average of 13,600 per month and a monthly standard deviation of 225 units. Lead time is one week (assume 4 weeks per month). If the firm desires a 97% CSL, how many units of safety stock should be held, and what re-order point) should be used? (Keep 3 decimals for the standard deviation, but round and to the nearest whole number.)

Reference no: EM13844796

All forms of discrimination are generally difficult to prove

All forms of discrimination are generally difficult to prove. It is difficult to know whether the accused party is intentionally discriminating or the evidence is heavily weig

What benefit would be gained by utilizing linear programming

What benefit would be gained by utilizing linear programming (LP) for marketing research? Discuss and provide a basic example of how LP can be used for marketing and/or consum

Earned value management and contract automation tools

Write a memo responsive to some (hypothetical) executive of your organization who has asked you: What is Earned Value Management (EVM) and what is the Contracting Officer’s ro

Case study-copper kettle catering

Copper Kettle Catering (CKC) is a full-service catering company that provides services ranging from box lunches for picnics or luncheon meetings to large wedding, dinner, or

Offer prescription eyeglasses for sale in-house

An ophthamology practice is deciding whether to offer prescription eyeglasses for sale in-house. The new service would require the training and hiring of additional personnel,

The complete equation representing the total cost

Suppose that a manufacturer has identified the following options for obtaining a machined part. It can buy the part at $200 per unit (including materials); If demand is a cons

Impact on other human resource management practices

According to the Chapters 1 and 2, staffing has an impact on other human resource management practices. Based on the reading, discuss the functional areas of human resource ma

Preparing presentation to be given in large classroom

You are preparing a presentation to be given in a large classroom. You are using a computer to develop your presentation with the monitor 25ft from the furthest audience membe


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