Conflicts between belief systems and knowledge sets
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Question: For this journal, you have two tasks:

Task 1: Indicate which character or historical figure you will investigate for your Week Two assignment, Week Three assignment, and your Final Paper. The character must be the same for each assignment, and you may not alter your choice after the conclusion of Week Two.

Review this list of movies or this list of historical case studies that are approved for use for this assignment. You must choose from the provided lists.

PSY 303
Iron Man
Mommie Dearest
Shutter Island
PSY 303
Abraham Lincoln
Alan Turing
Ernest Hemingway

Task 2: This week's discussion forum and readings may have triggered some personal thoughts and feelings regarding abnormal psychology. One of the most important aspects of developing competence in abnormal psychology is to be honestly and completely aware of your personal attitudes toward people who have mental health conditions.

This 250- to 500-word journal entry is an opportunity for you to honestly reflect on your thoughts regarding abnormal psychology. For instance, what insights on bias or prejudice does this topic raise? What potential perception issues or conflicts between belief systems and knowledge sets might arise? Consider any other questions that came up for you over the course of this week's assignments. You may share as much or as little as you wish, as long as it is evident in your journal that you have taken the time to reflect.

This journal does not require you to share personal information about your mental health or the mental health of people you know. Psychology instructors cannot ask students to divulge this kind of information for grading. For further information see Standard 7.04 in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

Your journal will be graded based on whether or not you provided a substantial and thoughtful entry.


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‘Shutter Island’ is the movie selected by me for task-1, 2 and subsequent task lists. It is a peculiar movie with full of abnormal personality depictions. Infact they were depicted as possible mentally sick and unhealthy in the movie inline with the story. The movie focus on the criminally insane, water bound mental hospital housing number of mentally ill patients.

The lead role of the movie is concerned with the investigation of the Rachel Solando, who murdered her three children and her disappearance. The movie focused on enigmatic behavior of the different roles in the island. Their suspicious behavior arouses the suspense in the viewers and Teddy, the lead role of the movie works on to unravel the secrets.

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