Confidence interval constructed cover population proportion

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A sample of 1100 observations taken from a population produced a sample proportion of 0.36. Make a 90% confidence interval for p.

Round your answers to three decimal places.

The true population proportion for this population is 0.34. Does the confidence interval constructed cover this population proportion?

Reference no: EM132184471

Unbiased estimator of theta

Show that theta~ = u(X) is an unbiased estimator of theta, where u(0) = 1 and u(x) = 0 if x =1,2, ... Compare the MSEs of theta(hat) and theta~ for estimating theta = e^(-m) w

What is the best measure of central tendency for data

However one of the children fails to solve the peoblems, so the researcher has an undetermined score. what is the best measure of central tendency for these data?

Randomly selects without replacement

As part of his review for a chemistry test, a student randomly selects (without replacement) 40 out of 102 elements listed on the standard tables, and tries to guess their a

Estimate proportion of unemployed college students

What size sample would be required to estimate the proportion of unemployed college students if we want the margin of error not to exceed 5 percent?

Graph the estimated by the kaplan meier method

The following data are survival times in days from a life-threatening condition: 15, 18, 18, 21, 21C, 25°, 26. Graph the estimated S(t) by the Kaplan-Meier method using a co

Determine - test the hypotheses

A bank wants to get new customers for their credit card. They try two different approaches in their marketing campaign. The first promises a "cash back" reward; the second p

Atmosphere in the american southwest

Imagine you are a law clerk for a Supreme Court justice in 1944. You have been asked to provide that justice with a 300- to 400-word summary of the lower federal court deci

Estimate the number of bulbs expected to burn

As a result of testing 20,00 electric bulbs manufactured by a company it was found that the lifetime of the bulbs was normally distributed with a mean of life of 2040 hours wi


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