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You have worked for Beta Technology for six months. In that time, you conducted informal meetings with management and other hourly and salaried employees. You also reviewed the company records related to Human Resources. This process has been educational; however, some of the information revealed potential violations related to race and gender discrimination, as well as sexual harassment. As part of your responsibilities as the senior compliance officer, you feel that it is necessary to conduct some basic training for Beta employees to help the company avoid potential lawsuits.  

Develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation summarizing the laws pertaining to EEOC so that your employees will understand the requirements and consequences violating the laws. Use the Argosy University online library resources and U.S. government Web sites to research the EEOC and the laws it enforces. Include the following in your presentation:

History of the EEOC

Methods to determine who is required to comply with the EEOC

Laws enforced by the EEOC

Potential consequences of violations

Politics and current events that have contributed to changes in the legislation

Provide cases representing discrimination based on each of the following topics and provide strategies employers can use to avoid such incidents. You should have a total of seven cases and seven strategies. Present the case name, date and strategy on the slide and use the speaker notes to provide a brief (2-4 sentences) synopsis of the case.



National Origin

Affinity Orientation



Sexual Harassment

Complete explanations in the comments area.

Reference no: EM131420375

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