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As a company owner, you are trying to grow your party supply sales by reaching new customers. You know most of your customers are college students in their early 20s, but you conduct more research of your sales and discover customers who are business with events. This market is located within a 25 mile radius, they are mid- to small-sized companies with main holiday events and smaller birthday and retirement parties. You have just conducted customer: A) targeting B) segmentation c) customization

Reference no: EM131224627

How would this theory describe her upbringing and behavior

Why is socialization important? How did Oxana’s socialization contribute to her personality and behavior? How would this theory describe her upbringing and behavior?

Today workers entering the workforce donot share these value

A generation ago young employees hired were ambitious, hardworking and honest. Today workers entering the workforce don't share these values. Do you agree or disagree with thi

Understanding of global politics

You are an American living in India. Many people in the city in which you live have been demonstrating in the streets by marching and carrying signs. These people are protesti

The reorder point for the notebook binders

Annual demand for the notebook binders at? Duncan's Stationery Shop is 9,800 units. Dana Duncan operates her business 300 days per year and finds that deliveries from her supp

Quick fix communications a software development firm

Quick fix communications a software development firm, purchased a hight end external data storage machine for two million dollars from a manufacturer. which of the following s

Priority rules-first-come and first-served rule

In the list of priority rules, there is no first-come/first-served (FCFS) rule, yet most banks, cafeterias, and theater ticket booths use this rule in waiting on patrons. Why

George has forecasted that annual demand for his sailboats

George Kyparisis owns a company that manufactures sailboats. Actual demand for? George's sailboats during each of the past four seasons was as? follows: George has forecasted

How many seats should super discount overbook the flight

Next week, Super Discount Airlines has a flight from New York to Los Angeles that will be booked to capacity. The airline knows from past history that an average of 31 custome


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