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Assignment - Research Report and Presentation (group)

Task: Assessment 2 focuses on students' ability to conduct research on an important issue related to the subject. This group assignment consists of a research report (maximum 1,000 words) and a group presentation (20 min, plus 5 min question time). Each group needs to investigate a real world case (preferably Australian)

Further information:

Assessment criteria includes (1) relevance of your answer to the question or task set, (2) clarity of expression, (3) creativity/innovation, (4) citations beyond the given subject material, (5) logical planning and sequence, (6) appropriate written and/or oral presentation of the work and (7) application of theory, practical insights, and useful recommendations for implementation.

This project involves university industry collaboration, and allows you to directly apply your learnings to industry problems. A problem is identified by the organisation and the objective is that you will suggest a practical solution to the problem in question using concepts, tools and techniques learnt in the SSCM subject. A group presentation comprising of the problem faced by the firm, SSCM theories and concepts used, key findings, and managerial recommendation of this industry case to the class and industry representatives will be done in the last class at 6pm on 7th June 2016.

A services agreement with the company will be signed along with an NDA with respective students doing the industry case study. You can examine your own company's supply chain if you like subject to your company's approval for the use of it for study purposes and also by your Lecturer.

The assessment for individual group members may be moderated by students' peer assessment (evaluating the performance of each group member).

Industry Case Study Details TBC included soon

Assignment Submission structure:

The report should have a clear structure. A simple example of structure is as following (This is only an example, I strongly suggest you to be creative and build your own structure that supports your arguments):
1) Title
2) Executive Summary
3) Introduction
4) Discussion
5) Conclusion
6) References

Reference no: EM131048758

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