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Q1: Depending on your studying and analysis of SABIC case:

A- Briefly summarize business challenges faced by the company, and show how they are reflected in the Information Systems through its three components (management, organization, and technology).

B- What are the business solutions, which resulted from the use of information systems.

Q2: The successful usage of information systems in SABIC to achieve a competitive advantage is a real challenge and requires precise coordination of management, organization, and technology, as well as performing strategic system analysis. Based on your case analysis , answer the following:

A- Has the Company articulated its business strategy and goals properly?
B- Was the company able to align IT with its business strategy and goals?
C- How can the IT improve SABIC's business and promote its strategy?

Q3: Define, describe SABIC Value Chain Model, and show how this model can be used to identify and develop information systems in SABIC?


Questions of Strategic Management

In terms of your in-depth and critical analysis of SABIC Case, answer the following questions:

Q1- To what extent SABIC Company is considered a Global Company, supporting your answer with scientific concepts, statistics and other suitable information.

Q2- List different types of strategies (without explanation) and give your initial judgment as regard to the degree of suitability of these strategies for the SABIC Company, showing your justification ?

Q3- Conduct the Five-Forces Model of Competition for SABIC, supporting your answer with the required evidence and information.

Questions of Managerial accounting

Q1- "Managerial accountants are considered to be the right hand of the managers". Explain, in some details, the different issues that managerial accounting can help management with and how?

Q2- Based on SABIC's future strategy to be the global leading corporation in its manufacturing field in year 2020 with total sales of $6 billion:

A. Do you thing based on the past actual sales, SABIC can achieve its sales target in 2020? Why?

B. Assist the managers of the company to reach the desired amount of dollar sales in 2020 through developing an appropriate matrix (see the tables below as examples) in which you can distribute the sale figure among the various Segments using a systematic convenient method throughout the years 2014-2020 (Excel program is a helpful tool in this context).

C. Explain how had you got (or calculated) the figures?

Q3- In the case of SABIC, you are already given some financial ratios:

A. Find or calculate the same ratios for the years from 2010 to 2013 and show them graphically (you may benefit from Excel program facilities).

B. What kind of risks and advantages that can be inferred from these time series ratios (from 2005 to 2013)?

C. In the light of your findings, how can you advice the managers of SABIC in order to overcome any possible future financial difficulties that might hinder the firm from achieving its future desired long-term target?

Questions of Advanced Finance

Q1- "Daily activities in the financial markets prove that some companies may suffer from financial distress conditions." Based on what you learned, answer the following:
A- What is meant by financial distress?
B- What causes financial distress?
C- What are the direct and indirect causes of financial distress?
D- Give your professional decision if you are appointed as a consultant to address a company facing a financial distress.

After reviewing the Consolidated Income Statement, Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow of SABIC, provide the following information:

Q2 a) Find SABIC's cash flow from operating activities for the years ending December 31, 2005 to 31 December, 2009.
     b) Find SABIC's cash flow from financing activities for the years ending December 31, 2005 to 31 December, 2009.
     c) What is SABIC's net working capital in 2005 to 2009?

Q3  a) If in 2009 SABIC has 10.2 million shares outstanding and these shares are trading at $16 per share, then find SABIC's Market-to-book ratio.
      b) ) If in 2009 SABIC has 10.2 million shares outstanding and these shares are trading at $16 per share, then what is SABIC's Enterprise Value?
      c) Find SABIC's earning per share for the years ending December 31, 2005 to December 31, 2009.


Questions of Strategic Management

Q1- Conduct the SWOT Matrix, EFE Matrix and IFE Matrix, showing your methodology?

Q2- Conduct BCG Matrix and SPACE Matrix , showing your methodology?

Q3- Conduct Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix, QSPM and SPACE Matrix , showing your methodology and suggesting the most appropriate strategies for SABIC and why?

Questions of Strategic Marketing

Q1 In order to increase its production capabilities, what are the strategic options that SABIC adopted for its expansion into new markets. In brief, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these strategic options?
Q2 What are the different options available for SABIC to build a strong competing corporate brand in its markets and why ?
Q3 What are the characteristics of ideal SBU (s) that should SABIC consider for effective marketing strategy?

Part Three : Questions of HRM

Q1 The world witnesses what is called a "War for Talent". Answer these two questions:
A- Why is it important for HRM to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic contributor?
B- Explain the expression of "War for Talent" in terms of HRM and show to what extent SABIC is successful in this regard, i.e. in the investment in talent and strategic recruitment, supporting your answer with necessary information?

Q2 Analyze the organizational structure of SABIC to determine the significance and nature of the role of HRM, having a comparison with its competitors?

Q3  Analyze critically "1 SABIC Initiative" in terms of HRM and answer the following question:

A- How has SABIC dealt with its talent as an integrated global organization?
B- How has SABIC enhanced the culture of innovation for its talent?


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Table of Contents:

Strategic Management 2
1. SWOT, EFE and IFE Matrix 2
SWOT Matrix 2
EFE Matrix 4
IFE Matrix 6
2. BCG and SPACE Matrix 8
BCG Matrix 8
SPACE Matrix 10
3. QSP Matrix 11
Strategic Marketing 12
1. Strategies 13
2. Strong Brand 14
3. Ideal Strategic Business Units 15
Human Resource Management 15
1. War for Talent 16
HRM: Strategic Contributor 16
HRM: Talent and Strategic Recruitment 17
2. Organizational Structure and Role of HRM 17
3. 1 SABIC Initiative 18
Dealing with Talent 18
Culture of Innovation 18
References 19

The terms Strategic Management was first used in 1970 and was developed in order to outline the programs of strategy and effectively manage the strategic process. Strategic Management focuses in planning strategies and then identifying the measures for effective management of these strategies. The concept of strategic management is to identify and develop the changes which are necessary and thus calculating the performance of SABIC in alignment with their objectives, vision and mission.

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