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Write a four page (minimum 800 words) respond to the following task.

Conduct a workplace survey about conflict in the workplace based on Conflict in Teams in Thompson text.

Interview at least two supervisory level persons in the organization about the types of recognition given in the organization and the frequency with which they are given. Then interview or survey at least four employees about the types and frequencies of conflict in the workplace.

Use the mean score (average) to determine your results, report the results and analyze the perceptual gap between the supervisors and subordinates. Apply Biblical perspectives to the discussion.

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The paper talks about two aspects of an organization, the seniors who shall mention about what is the frequency of awards that is being given and the total types of awards that are given out. The subordinates are then interviewed to know the types of conflicts that they deal with and its frequency. Based on all these responses we try and figure out a perception plan and also treat it with a biblical approach towards it. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office.

Reference no: EM131456706

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