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In providing assistance to the states, Washington has in the past attached "strings" that have dictated state legislation. For example, all states now require that individuals be at least 21 years of age to drink alcohol; states adopted such rules because Washington conditioned transportation aid on enacting tougher anti-drinking laws. Discuss the degree to which you agree or disagree with Washington attaching policy conditions to the fiscal assistance it provides to the states. To what degree, if any, should states refuse such assistance when national policy goals either do not coincide, or directly conflict, with state goals?

Reference no: EM1333558

Management of worldcom

Identify and discuss how the management of WorldCom was able to perpetrate the fraud in (a) and (b) scenarios. In relation to fraud elements, discuss what you can identify to

What rti does not do is offer itself only to education

What RTI does not do is offer itself only to special education students. Students are all accessed with the same information and based on this information will determine wha

Determine the change in length of the shell

Calculate the total length of a tube if it was free to expand. Call this length Lt. Calculate the length of the shell if it was free to expand - assume the same temperature ch

Discusses the different stages of the life cycle

The textbook discusses the different stages of the life cycle. How difficult is it to determine when each stage begins and ends, using biological, cognitive, and socioemotiona

Establishes a point about either cause or effect of change

Write a 4-5 paragraph draft of your own academic essay that establishes a point about either cause or effect of this relevant change. Develop your main point about change us

Prejudice-stereotypes and discrimination

Define and describe the following terms: prejudice, stereotype, discrimination, and ingroup vs. outgroup. Based on your own experiences in the social world, can you relate t

Describe how people adapt to fears of premature death

Describe how people adapt to fears of premature death according to the principles of Terror Management Theory. Describe the differences between WMD and 'conventional' acts of

Define informed consent from legal perspective

Explore what do you meant by "informed consent" from a legal perspective. Why is it important to patients, providers, and healthcare organizations?


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