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1. After a recent storm a customer called in a panic saying that she had planned a garden party for the upcoming weekend and her garden was in shambles. The owner decided to send a crew of four workers. Even though a two-worker crew would have a higher productivity. Explain the rationale for this decision.

2. Investigate a problem of negative social impact and using information/various concepts covered in the Business Communication course, write a formal report outlining the existing problem, make reference to current literature, and present a discussion on findings and proffer appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

Reference no: EM132280147

Strategy-making-strategy-executing process is concerned

Which of the following statements about a company’s strategy is true? Which one of the following is not among the chief duties/responsibilities of a company's board of directo

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies from the same industry. Comparison should include their similarities, differences and at least one item that gives that

How can the company develop customer intimacy

For Amazon identify three tiers of non-customers, as well as how the product offers exceptional utility and where it fails to do so. Armed with this information, how can the c

Why are strategy development business processes important

Ethical behavior is a corporate issue that affects the company's bottom line. How do ethical issues impact organizations and operations?Include an example seen in the workpl

Project management could be important in your personal life

Give an example of a case in which project management could be important in your personal life. Explain why, as well as how you might organize such a project. Can you think of

Analyze the relevant legal-social-business and ethical

Fact Summary: Barker was a mechanic who repaired cars and similar vehicles from 1967 to 1995. His work required use of heavy machinery to grind, sand and cut compenents like b

Hired by netflix to conduct three circles analysis

Imagine that you have been hired by Netflix to conduct a three circles analysis. In a memo to the CEO, describe Netflix’s competitive strategy and analyze how it competes with

Doing advertising without planning is like running

An old proverb claims that "Doing advertising without planning is like running a giant manure spreader; your advertising department throws words out the back faster than you c


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