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1. After a recent storm a customer called in a panic saying that she had planned a garden party for the upcoming weekend and her garden was in shambles. The owner decided to send a crew of four workers. Even though a two-worker crew would have a higher productivity. Explain the rationale for this decision.

2. Investigate a problem of negative social impact and using information/various concepts covered in the Business Communication course, write a formal report outlining the existing problem, make reference to current literature, and present a discussion on findings and proffer appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

Reference no: EM132280147

Discuss the advantages of cloud-based solutions for blogs

Discuss the advantages of cloud-based solutions for blogs, wikis, and calendar management and one additional Web application of your choosing. Give an example of each and desc

Manufacturer of adhesive bandages and sutures

Which method of sales force organization would be most appropriate for a national company that sells a computerized billing system for small physician practices? a manufacture

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Examine the concepts of managing operations as they apply to the production of goods and services - Apply the appropriate operations tools to aid in decision-making and optimi

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Most large airlines operate networks, hub-and-spoke systems, which connect many spoke cities (or nodes) with flights to and from a hub airport. How can a network airline profi

Globaledge databases of industry performance

Using information from the ABI Inform and GlobalEdge Databases of Industry Performance, select data on the following subset of industries: What kinds of industries tend to be

Develop a flowchart

Develop a flowchart [as in Figure and Example] showing all the steps involved in planning a party. Arnold Palmer Hospital has undertaken a series of process improvement initia

Two employees violate the same work rule

Two employees violate the same work rule. One is above average in performance and has been with your company for 8 years. The other employee is an average performer who has be

Six sigma practitioners use failure modes-effective analysis

Given X¯ and R values for 25 samples of size n = 4. Set up the X¯ and R charts on this process. Interpret the charts. Does the process seem to be in control? If necessary, ass


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