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Three-page paper

For the Module 3 SLP you will again be applying the concepts from the background materials to your own personal experiences. Choose a supervisor that you worked with and got to know well.

Carefully review the concepts and definitions of charismatic, transformational, and transactional leadership. Then write a three-page paper addressing the following issues, using specific examples from your personal experiences. Make sure to cite at least three of the required textbook readings for your answer:

  1. Did your supervisor meet any of the characteristics of a charismatic leader as defined and discussed in the background readings?
  2. Did your supervisor meet any of the characteristics of a transformational leader?
  3. Did your supervisor meet any of the characteristics of a transactional leader?


Barine, A. & Minja, D. (2012). Chapter 2: Definitions of transformational leadership. Transformational Corporate Leadership. Andrews LTD., Luton, Bedfordshire, GBR, pp. 32-47 [eBook Business Collection]

Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. (2015). Chapter 13: Effective leadership processes. Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-based Approach. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, pp. 390-393 [eBook Business Collection. Note: you don't have to read the whole chapter, just the pages on charismatic, transformational, and transactional leadership]

Yukl, G. & Michal, J. (2014) Chapter 8: A Critical Assessment of Research on Effective Leadership Behavior in Schriesheim, C. & Neider, L. Advances in Authentic and Ethical Leadership Research in Management Vol. 10 Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, pp. 212-213

Assignment instructions:

  • Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions
  • Stay focused on the precise assignment questions, don't go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials
  • List supporting references and cite sources in proper format
  • Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, and spelling).
  • Include both a bibliography and in-text citations.

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