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Calculating the heat transfer rate and the rate that entropy is produced in a gear box.
A gearbox operating under steady state conditions recieves 24 hp along the input shaft and delivers 10hp along the output shaft. The outer surface of the gearbox is at 110F and has an area of 1.4 ft^2. The temperature of the surroundings away from the immediate vicinity of the gearbox is 70 F. For the gear box, determine a) the heat transfer rate in BTU/s and b) the rate at which entropy is produced in BTU/(Rs).

Reference no: EM13137933

The power developed by the turbine

A gas turbine has a mixture of 17% CO2 , 60% N2 and 17% H2O on a molar basis enter at 1800°R and 116 psi and a mass flow rate of 4.41 lbm/s. The gas expands through the turbin

Exit temp of the air and the rate of heat transfer from air

Air enters the evaporator of an air conditioner at 14.7 psia, 90F, 200 ft3/min. R-134a at 20 psia, 30%  quality enters at 4 lbm/min and leaves as saturated vapor at the same p

Determine change in volume of helium from its initial volume

A balloon filled with helium, initially at 27°C, 1 bar, is released and rises in the atmosphere until the helium is at 17°C, 0.9 bar. Determine, as a percent, the change in

Estimate the diffusion coefficient of carbon tetrachloride

Estimate the diffusion coefficient of carbon tetrachloride into air from the following data recorded in a Stefan-tube experiment with carbon tetrachloride ad oxygen: diamete

Show the stiffness matrices for each member

MEC3302 - Computational Mechanics in Design - determine the reactions at the supports and the fixed end moment of the steel beam. Show the stiffness matrices for each member

The diameter of largest solid sphere for lumped behaviour

For plain carbon steel, with properties at 300K in the Appendix and convection (h=50 W/m^2 K) to air at 500K. the diameter of largest solid sphere for lumped behaviour (2 part

Design a piping system that transports

We need to design a piping system that transports 35ft^3/s of water 100ft. The available head is 7ft. The pipe is to be made out of a rough concrete material. Find the necessa

Determine the diameter of the nozzle

Steam expands isentropically through a  converging nozzle operating at steady state from a large tank at 1.83 bar, 2808C. The mass flow rate is 2 kg/s, the flow is choked, a


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