Computing portfolio expected return and standard deviation

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2. Please consider the following stocks:

Price per Expected Standard
Stock Share Return Deviation Correlation
A $25 0.06 0.20 With B = 0.20
B $50 0.08 0.10 With C = 0.45
C $25 0.15 0.15 With A = 0.60

An investor has a $10,000 portfolio that allocated as given: short 100 shares of stock A, purchase 250 shares of B and 200 shares of 3. Any additional funds are lent at risk free rate of 0.04.

a. Compute the portfolio's expected return and standard deviation.
b. Stock B can be replaced with one of two stocks : Stock D - expected return 0.15, standard deviation of 0.15 and zero correlation with all other stocks. Stocks E - also has zero correlation with all other stock while it has an expected return of 0.09 and a standard deviation of 0.11. Would you recommend a replacement for stock B and which of the possible replacements would you choose?


Reference no: EM1366533

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