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Using the given table, find out the quantity where MC = ATC. Find out the quantity where ATC is at its minimum. Find out the quantity that is the most efficient operating point for the firm.

The table
0 $100
1 $150
2 $225
3 $230
4 $300
5 $400

Reference no: EM1367861

Which includes fewer public goods than is optimal

Underproduction of Public Goods Suppose point A represents the optimal mix of output-that is, the mix of private and public goods that maximizes society's welfare. Because c

What is the point price elasticity of demand at this price

Suppose that the demand for gasoline is given as P = 3.6-0.002Q where P is the price of gasoline in $ per litre and Q is liters of gasoline per day. If you know that current p

Are there any qualitative factors that should be considered

Management is often faced with the alternative of continuing to make a product or component internally, or going to an external source and purchasing the product or componen

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Health plan guaranteeing that all qualified participants can purchase MRI tests at an effective price to the individual of $100 per test.  How many MRI tests are n

What do you mean by a social welfare function

What do you mean by a social welfare function? If you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? Discuss such propertie

Describe would the effect on aggregate demand be larger

Suppose government spending increases. Would the effect on aggregate demand be larger if the Federal Reserve held the money supply constant in response or if the Fed were co

Propose an alternative approach

Assess the merits of this statement by incorporating a specific personal project, formal or informal. "Strategic planning is critical in the overall effectiveness of proje

Consumer surplus-producer surplus-deadweight loss

Compute the equilibrium price and quantity. Describe why the output and price levels are different for X1 and X2. Explain what occurs to consumer surplus, producer surplus,


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