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According to many, the digital world is being divided into 'haves' and 'have nots' - between those that have access and can use a computer and the Internet, and those that do not have such access. Some believe that this creates serious ethical implications and that there is a moral obligation to do something about the disparity; the 'have nots' may well feel discriminated against or feel 'socially excluded' and are missing out on many life opportunities. Do you feel that everyone everywhere should have access to computers and the Internet, regardless of location, need, competency, or ability to pay? If yes, who should provide the services and education and who should pick up the tab? If no, explain why not everyone needs access to the Internet.

Reference no: EM132183975

What needs to be done to avoid such problem

Based on our class discussion regarding E-R Diagrams, if an attribute is appearing in a number of entity sets does this situation lead to the issue of data redundancy? If ye

Designate alternative text for the graphic for accessibility

Select a graphic to add to your page. Make sure that it is stored in a file that's not too big to load quickly. Designate alternative text for the graphic for accessibility.

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Determine the force P required to overcome rolling resistance and pull the 50-kg roller up the inclined plane with constant velocity. The coefficient of rolling resistance i

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Members of the House of Representatives recognize that they must represent the wishes of their constituents if they want to win reelection, especially because they run for ree

Agile philosophy of software engineering

1. List the key issues stressed by an agile philosophy of software engineering? 2. Describe the three key assumptions regarding software projects that every agile software pro

Identify heap objects that will be long-lived

What compile-time analyses can be done to identify heap objects that will be long-lived? At run-time, how can we efficiently estimate the "age" of a heap object (so that lon

Designing a game system

Suppose that you are designing a game system that responds to players' pressing buttons and toggling joysticks. The prototype system is failing to react in time to these inp

Write a c++ program that converts feet to meters

Write a C++ program that converts feet to meters. The program should display feet from 3 to 30 in 3-foot increments and the corresponding meter equivalents. Use the relation


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