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The selected financial statements for Micro Chip Computer Corporation. Answer questions 1 and 2 below based on the financial data.

Micro Chip Computer Corporation Selected Financial Data

Fiscal Years (in millions except share and per share amounts)






Net Sales

$ 8,334

$ 6.141

$ 9.181

$ 11,933

$ 11,062

Net Income (loss)

$ 811

$ 519

$ (1.245)

$ (995)

$ 424

Earnings (loss) per common share:







$ 5.65

$ 3 84

$ (9.15)

$ (9.15)

$ 3.50


$ 4.64

$ 3.07

$ (9.15)

$ (6.89)

$ 3.45

Cash Dividends declared per common share

$ --

$ --

$ --

$ 0.12

$ 0.48

Shares used in computing earnings (loss) per share (in thousands):


















Cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments

$ 5,426

$ 4,600

$ 3.859

$ 3,945

$ 952

Total Assets

$ 6,161

$ 5,289

$ 5,233

$ 6,364

$ 6,231

Long-term Debt

$ 300

$ 954

$ 951

$ 949

$ 303

Shareholders' Equity

$ 3,104

$ 1,642

$ 1,200

$ 2,058

$ 2,901

1. Determine the year-to-year percentage annual growth in total net sales.

2. Based only on your answers to question #1, do you think the company achieved its sales goal of +10% annual revenue growth in 2009? Determine the target revenue figure, and explain why you do or do not feel that the company hit its target.

Next, consider Micro Chip's Consolidated Statement of Operations for the year ended September 25, 2008. Answer questions 1 and 2.

Micro Chip Computer Corporation

Consolidated Statements of Operations For the period September 26, 2007 through September 25, 2008.



Cost of Sales


Gross Margin


Operating expenses:

R & D


Selling, General, and Administrative


In-process R & D


Restructuring costs


Total Operating Exp


Operating income


Total interest and other Income net


Income before provision for Income taxes


Provision for income Taxes (15%)


Net income



1. Use the Percentage Sales Method and a 25% increase in sales to forecast Micro Chip's Consolidated Statement of Operations for the period of September 26, 2008 through September 25, 2009. Assume a 15% tax rate and restructuring costs of 5% of the new sales figure.

2. Discuss your results from question number #1. What assumptions have you made? Do any of your assumptions seem unreasonable?

To receive full credit on this assignment, please show all work, including formulae and calculations used to arrive at the financial values. Students using Microsoft Excel must provide an adequate explanation of the methodology used to arrive at that answer.

Assignment Guidelines

• Download the financial statements and consolidated statement of operations by clicking on the links above in the assignment description.

• Analyze the statements and then answer the four questions listed in the assignment description.

• Show all work including calculations and formulas. If applicable, provide a detailed explanation of how you used Microsoft Excel to arrive at your answers.

• Organize your answers, mathematical calculations, and Microsoft Excel data into a Word document of 1-2 pages.

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

• A double-spaced Word document of 1-2 pages that contains your answers to the four questions listed in the assignment description, any calculations you performed, and all formulae that were used. Also, provide your Excel data table(s) along with an explanation of how you arrived at your answers if applicable.

Reference no: EM131300913

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