Compute upper and lower limits for mean and range charts

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Checkout time at a supermarket is monitored using a mean and a range chart. Six samples of n = 20 observations have been obtained and the sample means and ranges computed:

Sample Mean Range Sample Mean Range
1 3.06 .42 4 3.13 .46
2 3.15 .37 5 3.06 .46
3 3.11 .41 6 3.09 .45
Factors for three-sigma control limits for X and R charts



Number of Observations in Subgroup,
Factor for
X Chart,
Control Limit,
Control Limit,
2            1.88          0 3.27
3            1.02          0 2.57
4            0.73          0 2.28
5            0.58          0 2.11
6            0.48          0 2.00
7            0.42          0.08 1.92
8            0.37          0.14 1.86
9            0.34          0.18 1.82
10            0.31          0.22 1.78
11            0.29          0.26 1.74
12            0.27          0.28 1.72
13            0.25          0.31 1.69
14            0.24          0.33 1.67
15            0.22          0.35 1.65
16            0.21          0.36 1.64
17            0.20          0.38 1.62
18            0.19          0.39 1.61
19            0.19          0.40 1.60
20            0.18          0.41 1.59

Using the factors in the above table, determine upper and lower limits for mean and range charts.(Round your intermediate calculations and final answers to 4 decimal places.)

Reference no: EM13107945

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