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Abbott Manufacturing produces plastic cases for solar photovoltaic panels and has decided to combine orders from customers to increase work order size, and thereby make one large production run per model type. Plastic injection molding machines are used to make these parts and it is time consuming to clean and re-setup the machines between production runs. Each molding machine and operator works one nine-hour shift with a one-hour lunch break and one-half hour for operator breaks.

Consolidated Work Orders

Work Order Quantity

Setup (Changeover) Time per Work Order (Minutes)

Processing Time per Panel (Seconds)

Model XVT-5 Case





Model UYT-3 Case




Model KLY-6 Case




What is the total workload (demand) in hours for this work order mix? How many machines will it take to do this work in one, two, or three days? How might this process be improved?



Reference no: EM13109310

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