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a. In month 9 the following project information is available: actual cost is $2,000, earned value is $2,100, and planned cost is $2,400. Compute the Schedule Variance and Cost Variance for the project.

b. On day 51 a project has an earned value of $600, an actual cost of $650, and a planned cost of $560. Compute the Schedule Variance, Cost Variance, and Cost Performance Index for the project. What is your assessment of the project on day 51?

Reference no: EM131369961

Ability to deliberate about how to achieve virtuous ends

Aristotle seems to think that it’s not possible for anyone to be born virtuous, but that we need virtuous role models if we’re to become virtuous ourselves. Do you think he’s

What motivates maximizing utilization

(Inventory Formulas) In a multiproduct reorder point subject to an aggregate service constraint, what will be the effect of increasing the cost of one of the parts on the fill

Advantages and two challenges associated with fast tracking

Name at least two advantages and two challenges associated with fast tracking. Illustrate with examples other than those cited in the chapter and your own experience. How does

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Morality tells us what we ought to do, and imposes upon us duties which it would be wrong not to fulfill. Yet Kant claims, in Chapter Two of the Groundwork for the Metaphysics

Determine the value-added-non-value-added-total lead times

Williams Optical Inc. is considering a new lean product cell. The present manufacturing approach produces a product in four separate steps. The production batch sizes are 45 u

About the advantages of cell layout

Comparing process layout and cell layout, what do you think about the advantages of cell layout? Also, compare these two types of layout in terms of the level of staff skill.

Investigation by the london sunday timesappropriate

In your opinion, was the response by Gap to the investigation by the London Sunday Timesappropriate? What steps should companies like Levi Strauss and Gap take to ensure that

What is your opinion of embedded sustainability

What are some concerns and adjustments you have to consider when moving to a different country as an expatriate? What do you learn from the book embedded sustainability? what


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