Compute the present worth

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Consider a project with initial investment of $10,000. Annuities are $3,500 for the following 10 years with increment of 10% each year. The salvage value of the project is $4,000. The minimum attractive rate of return is 10%.

Compute the present worth.


Reference no: EM13282665

How much of the option premium

You have taken a long position in a call option on IBM common stock. The option has an exercise price of $136 and IBM's stock currently trades at $140. The option premium is

What is the beta of stock b

Your portfolio has a beta of 1.12. The portfolio consists of 40 percent U.S. Treasury bills, 30 percent stock A, and 30 percent stock B. Stock A has a risk-level equivalent

What rate can earn on a one-year risk-free british security

Assume the spot rate for the British pound currently is £0.6211 per $1. Also assume the one-year forward rate is £0.6347 per $1. A risk-free asset in the U.S. is currently e

Which one of following statement correct given information

Today, you can get either 121 Canadian dollars or 1,288 Mexican pesos for 100 U.S. dollars. Last year, 100 U.S. dollars was worth 115 Canadian dollars or 1,291 Mexican pesos

What is the firm cost of preferred stock

Grill Works and More has 7 percent preferred stock outstanding that is currently selling for $49 a share. The market rate of return is 14 percent and the firm's tax rate is

What is the bond call price

A 15-year, $1000 face value bond with a 10% semiannual coupon has a nominal yield to maturity of 7.5%. The bond, which may be called after five years, has a nominal yield to

Compute a fair rate of return for intel common stock

Compute a fair rate of return for Intel common stock, which has a 1.2 beta. The risk free rate is 6 percent, and the market portfolio (New York Stock Exchange stocks) has an

What yield did melissa earn on her investment

A year ago, Melissa purchased 50 shares of common stock for $20 per share, During the year, ther value of her stock decreased to $18 per share, If the stock did not pay a di


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