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You are given the following information for replacement project for machines.each machine currently in use has book value of $1 million and would continue to be depreciate in straight line basis value of over 5 next years.the plant engineer estimate that the old machines could be us as many as 10 more years. the purchase price for the new machine is $5 million apiece,which would be depreciate over a 10 years period on a straight line basis to a net book value of $500000 each.each new machine is expected to produce a pretax operating saving of $1.5 million per yer over the machine it would estimate that you could sell old machine for $250,000. installation of each machine would be expected to cost $600000 in addition to the purchase price.of this amount $500000 would be capitalized in the same way as the purchase price and the remaining $100000 would be expensed immediately. the increases inventory and account payable cause a required increased net working capital of W$20000.The tax rate is 4% {a} What is the npv of the new project.{B}compute the net inirtial outlay

Reference no: EM131199148

Internet advertising and cash crunch case study

Internet Advertising and Cash Crunch Case Study on page 313 and answer the following questions: What unique value proposition(s) does Beyond Interactive offer to customers? Wh

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The project has finished and the actual cost that the seller incurred was $207,643. What incentive fee does the buyer pay the seller? What is the total contract price (i.e., w

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How do the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) principles of good faith, fair dealing, and reasonableness affect contracts for the sale of goods? How do the gap filling provisions p

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Identify waste in the current production process. how does the pager suggestion eliminate waste have the students and Mr. Alvarez found the root cause of the cart problem? How

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From the second e-Activity, examine the success story of the entrepreneur you selected. Compare the tips for success that Lisa Druxman has recommended against any tips for s

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What kind of labor relations strategy is present here? Explain the ethics of the Henley Textile Mill. How do you explain the attitude of the national union regarding this unio

How can we decrease our own ignorance

Cultural sensitivity is crucial to local and global success. It is very difficult to be aware of and sensitive to issues and traditions we are ignorant about. How can we decre


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