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Compute the equivalent density below the casing seat at 4000 ft. when a mud having a density of 10 lbm/gal and a gel strength of 70 lbm/100 sq. ft. just begins to flow. The casing has an internal diameter of 7.825 in., and the drill pipe has an external diameter of 5 in. Discuss how the pressure required to start circulation can be reduced.

Reference no: EM13311226

What are some of the keys to achieving success

What are some of the keys to achieving success in a world of increasing diversity? How culturally competent do you think you are? Why? (Please provide two specific examples)

Persons find insensitive or offensive

When describing transgender people, some newspapers, magazines, and other media tend to use gender-inappropriate names or pronouns, as well as other language that trans pers

Commonly used types of resumes

Choose one of the most commonly used types of resumes and discuss why you think it would help you get a job. Include how you think the prospective employer might react to this

How will the changes improve worker safety

How will these changes improve worker safety? Your response must be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your

Home depot''s structure reflect-professional bureaucracy

Which of Mintzberg's five structural types does Home Depot's structure reflect? (i.e., simple, machine bureaucracy, divisionalized bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, adhoc

Planning for community health improvement

What roles do the following terms play in planning for community health improvement?(behaviorist psychology, cognitive psychology, humanistic psychology, and social psychology

What is the current state of the quiznos brand

What is the current state of the Quiznos brand and what is Quiznos's market share compared to Subway, and how much market share is available in the sandwich segment globally?

Evaluating research tools and methods

The primary data source presented in the management research paper was data collection through questionnaires and also through an interviewed of some selected managers and s


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