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A machine can operate for an average of 11 weeks before it needs to be overhauled, a process which takes 4 days. The machine is operated 5 days a week. Compute the availability of this machine. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places)

Reference no: EM13845625

Situations legal or illegal in the workplace

An employer learns that one of his employees is in a same-sex relationship. This makes the employer uncomfortable, resulting in the employee being terminated. Are the followin

What was the most complex project

What was the most complex project that you have been involved in? Give examples of the following as they pertain to the project: the work breakdown structure, tasks, subtask,

What is the cycle time and what is the order quantity

Ray’s Satellite Emporium wishes to determine the best order size for its best-selling satellite dish (model TS111). Each unit costs $160. Ray has estimated the annual demand f

New business venture-planning phase

Discuss how a SWOT analysis should be used as an analytical tool that can help you work through all the information you have about your business. Why should an entrepreneur co

Produce two domestic cleaning solutions

Chemlabs uses raw materials I and II to produce two domestic cleaning solutions, A and B. the daily availability of raw material I and II are 150 and 145 units, respectively.

Consider the three major categories of new products

Consider the three major categories of new products: classically innovative products, new category entries, and line extensions. How do you believe the job marketing manager d

What are the business dimensions for your analysis

You are the vice president of marketing for a nation-wide appliance manufacturer with three production plants. Describe any three different ways you will tend to analyze your

Data warehouse project at a retail chain

You are the manager for the data warehouse project at a retail chain with stores all across the country and users in every store. How will you ensure that all the details nece


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