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Apple Case Study

In September 2005, Apple Computers unveiled a new version of smaller, sleeker iPods (i.e., digital music players).  The new iPod-Nano holds up to 1,000 songs (4-GB) and works with Macs and PCs. The Nano has a color display and is available at conventional retailers in the United States for $249.

Apple also offers a 20-GB, standard iPod for $299.  Many potential customers have said they were disappointed that the Nano cost only $50 less than the standard iPod which has more than five times the storage capacity.  Nonetheless, the media hype for the Nano has already exceeded expectations.

A new division of Apple will manufacture only the Nano (4-GB) and the Standard (20-GB) iPods.  The critical part of the manufacturing process uses a single machine that produces the color displays on both types of iPods.  Traditionally Apple has made production and marketing decisions based on product profitability.  The planned annual financials for each product are presented in the table below.

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Apple wants to reallocate the existing overhead costs to products using recently collected information with respect to key activities and activity cost drivers.  They have the following three activities and other information

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Compute the amount of overhead cost allocated to each product and the profitability of each product using the activity based costing approach. What do you learn from the ABC analysis?  How can Apple change in order to improve the profitability of its iPods?

Should Apple analyze the Selling and Admin costs using an ABC system? Why or why not?

For this question, assume that Apple is considering eliminating either the iPod-Nano or the iPod-Standard. Explain two important factors that Apple should consider in a decision to eliminate either one of these products. Your answer should include 1 quantitative fact.


Reference no: EM131321144

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