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Strategic Leadership

You are nearing the end of this course and the completion of the Master of Healthcare Administration program. Take a few minutes to reflect on your journey. What have you learned? What skills and competencies have you developed? How has your perception of yourself as a professional grown?

Think about the needs and concerns that drive today's health care organizations. How will you contribute to the success of these organizations? How will you promote your own effectiveness as a health care leader?

Prepare for this Discussion as follows:

  • Review the media segment "Strategic Planning in Action: Jhpiego." What insights regarding the contemporary leader's role in strategic planning and management can you draw from Dr. Leslie Mancuso's discussion of the global health organization Jhpiego?Bring to mind additional examples of the strategic challenges and leadership dilemmas that have been presented throughout this course.
  • As a leader, what message would you offer about the importance of strategic planning and management in today's health care organizations?
  • What competencies are most beneficial for a leader to have? Consider your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in this regard. How will you plan to continue developing your leadership competencies following completion of this Master of Healthcare Administration program?

Post by Day 3 response to the following:

  • Present a well developed message regarding the importance of strategic planning and management in today's health care organizations.
  • Describe three or four competencies that you will continue to develop moving forward as well as how you plan to do so. Include an analysis of the most significant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that inform your response.

Reference no: EM131340682

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