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Learning Team Collaboration: Host Defenses


Complete the below Host Defenses matrix by discussing the various attacks and defenses of the company in each of the rows as they relate to a security advisory that your learning team will present to the management group of XYZ Company for which your team is serving as consultants.

Focus the discussion on the use of Host Defenses to answer the question in the worksheet below as they relate to malware, password attacks and other hardening tools that will be used to protect the company, specifically in relation to the following sections of TestOut® for LabSim Security Pro module, " Host Defenses":

• Section 8.1: Malware
• Section 8.2: Password Attacks
• Section 8.3: Windows System Hardening
• Section 8.4: Hardening Enforcement
• Section 8.5:File Server Security
• Section 8.6: Linux Host Security
• Section 8.7: Static Environment Security

Host Defenses Matrix


Issues and Resolutions

I.Today's Malware attacks are often subtle, using email and "safe" websites to distribute their programs. Discuss prevention and mitigation of this type of attack.


 II.Passwords are one of the single points of failure in a network access control.Discuss the proper use of passwords and their ability to add to the network security.


III.Software companies (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) post updates their software on a periodic basis.Discuss the importance of timely updates and the dangers of not updating the security patches on time.


IV.Discuss the use of group policies and how they can help defend the network from outside penetration.


 V.Company data is often stored on file servers.The issue is permissions.Not all attacks come from outside the company.Give examples of areas where the internal danger is higher than that outside the network.


VI.Use of firewall is an understood part of the network security.Using this device properly is often not understood.Discuss the various issues that can result from an incorrectly configured firewall.


Reference no: EM131168707

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