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Exotic Cars Inc. (ECI) is a company specializing in sales and maintenance of the exotic (hence the name) cars.

The cars that ECI sells come from multiple sources: some are shipped directly from the factories, other purchased from the private collectors, and yet some other cars are traded-in by the customers of ECI.

ECI also provides a regular maintenance service of the exotic cars, such as engine tune-up, tire rotation, oil change, etc. You do not have to buy a car from ECI to use its maintenance service; consequently, some owners of the exotic cars purchased elsewhere also use ECI maintenance service.

ECI appreciates continuing business of its patrons; consequently, the company wants to maintain as much information about each valuable customer as it possibly can.

As a result, ECI diligently records how much money each customer spends on buying cars (more than a half have purchased two cars and about third bought three or more), on maintenance service (how much customer spends overall, and per car), and whether or not a customer ever traded a car in.

Project Description-

Your goal is to develop a database that shall allow ECI to keep track of its business and provide the management with the following information regarding the performance of the business:

HR Management

Complete information about ECI employees, especially salesmen and technicians

Inventory Management

Complete information on the number and types of the cars currently kept in stock

Complete information on the number and types of the cars obtained from each source (factory, private collector, trade-in, etc.)

Maintenance Service Management

Complete information on the number and types of the cars that were serviced.

Complete information on maintenance record of each serviced car (car information, type of problem, owner, mechanic who performed the maintenance, and cost of maintenance)

Customer Service Management

Complete information on every customer including information regarding their:

Total spending on cars Total spending on service maintenance Accounting

Complete information on spending of every customer

Complete information regarding what was paid to each vendor

Complete information regarding what was received by ECI from the sales of cars

Complete information regarding what was received by ECI from the maintenance service

NOTE: You don't have to implement all of the required functionality- use the description above to determine entities and attributes that you data model must include.

Submission of the Project

You are going to submit the Course Project over the following sequence of steps (a single deliverable per step):

Course Project: ERD Course Project: SQL code used to create your DB Schema and populate your DB Tables Course Project: Reports Course Project Grading Guidelines

Students, your project is worth 100 points total, with the following allocation of points:

Project Component Points Functioning Database SQL code used to create your DB Schema Contents of the DB Tables (minimum 10 records per table) 70 Functioning reports (You must be able to run your reports, based on 10 queries of your preference. 4 queries must involve at least 3 tables, and another 4 queries must involve at least 4 tables.) 30 Total points 100 NOTE Regarding the format of your submissions:

The complete package that you will need to submit must include the following:

Copy of your database created using SQL Server A Word document/PDF file including the following parts: ERD of your database SQL code that you used to create your schema (copy & paste from SQL Server) SQL code that you used to populate your tables (copy & paste from SQL Server) Description of your reports- you must clearly explain what information each of your reports allows you to obtain (you will need to have 10 descriptions) SQL code that you used to create the queries that run your reports (you will need to have 10 SQL queries).

Reference no: EM13809797

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