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Assignment- Leadership Strategies Presentation


Taking on the role of a CEO, develop a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 15 slides that explains how you would adapt the Western leadership strategies of either Heifetz and Linsky or Drucker in your approach to managing an international organization on the brink of structural change and expansion. One of your main goals will be to motivate and communicate a vision while connecting to the firm's mission for all stakeholders, including your Board of Directors. A brief profile of the organization is as follows:

The company is a manufacturing firm with annual earnings in excess of $350 million.

It is headquartered in the United States, has two branches in the United Kingdom, and one expansion branch set to open in China.

A new branch will provide more innovative technologies to infuse the firm's declining market share while also presenting cultural management and organizational integration challenges.

Your presentation should contain the following components:

Identification of your chosen leadership philosophy with justification of your choice.

Using Porter's Five Forces as a strategic guide, please explain how you will approach Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Risk Assessment.

Complete a Financial Risk Assessment for acquiring the new technology company by identification and explanation of at least four risks which could impact your organization.

Identification and explanation of the key internal structures (at least 3) that will be designed to enhance the culture within your organization

Explanation of how projected global and market trends over the next 10-15 years will impact your company's ability to maintain a competitive advantage.

Reference no: EM13720494

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