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Introduction.The analyses, comparison and similarities of two projects which are China Telecom Corporation and The South Coast Telecommunications, in the light of triple quality constraints. The overview of the lesson learnt from the both projects.
We will begin by the comparing and identify the similarities of two projects.
- Both of the projects are related to the IT and telecommunications for example China telecommunication's goal was to establish the communication between the two government departments Nanshan district and Shenzen. Whereas South Coast project had a similar vision of the project scope by providing a plate-form where the students and the tutors can communicate via internet in time with in SCESD network. 
- The departments in both organisations were almost similar in size for example china Telcommunication had ten whereas South Coast had six. 
- Both of the companies were funded by the governments.
- Both projects were delayed, China Telecom by one year and South Coast for its poor planning.
- Both of the companies had an effective communication plan in place.
- Budget; budget for the both of the project varied, as in the case of China Telecom the budget was $3m whereas the budget for the South Coast was $1m.
- The size of the both projects were also of different scale. As in the case of China Telecom it was considered a large scale project whereas the South Coast's project was medium scale. 
- China Telecom's project was initiated by the project management professional with adoption of project management methodologies where in contrast the South Coast project was regarded as community project and most of the project team members were volunteers.
- China telecom's project was completed within the time and cost whereas South Coast project cost was escalated. 
Triple Constraints Quality Aspects.
- China Telecom (Nashan District) Project;
The project was completed within estimated time scale on November 2006 and within estimated cost of $3m. A PMO office was established and the project team was sent for the project management training and qualifications. A firm structure was developed by the project management committee. Which has developed a risk management plan and an effective communication strategy. Project management standards were enforced. The China Telecom earned enormous reputation for their achievement before the government and the public.
- South Coast Telecommunication. 
The project was over-run and completed in two years. The project estimated budged was inflated and sponsored by the government by $249,750. The project was lacking communication plans. The quality of the project was compromised due to the involvement of the volunteers. The project did not adhered project management standards which contributed in poor planning, and scheduling of the project. Non conventional project strategy reflected in quality control, risk management and other issue such as procurement of expensive equipment which resulted in stretched the project cost. 
Lessons learned: 
Adherence of project management standards always leaves a lasting effect on the quality constraint aspect of the project. The South Coast project manager had ignored the importance of the PMO and PMI's standard which was ultimately reflected on the completion of the project.
The involvement of too many team members does not provides a guarantee that the project will be completed on time and budget. On the other side it could end up in too many confusions and complexities. A careful consideration must be given on the time and budget of the project. The project team should be appreciated at all time in terms of rewards and benefits. 
A clear communication plan and risk management policy must be introduced and implemented effectively. 
It is concluded that adherence of PMI's standards provides a foundations for the successful delivery of the project. Project management methodologies are key factors to the success of the project. The success of a project is also dependent on the many of internal and external factors as. These factors must be identified at the time of planning of the project. Culture and political structure has be analysed and assessed in the light of project management standards. 

Reference no: EM13303209

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