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For the midterm, students mustwrite a response to ONE of the questions below. Grading will be based on knowledge of historical context, broad coverage of course materials, critical analysis of the topic covered in the prompt, as well as clarity, organization of writing, and proper citation of sources. Students should NOT use outside sources for these assignments; they are meant to be an examination of your comprehension of the course; therefore, these essays should make meaningful use of course materials when making their arguments.
Papers should be (1,250 - 1,750 words) 5 to 7 pages in length, double-spaced, use 1" margins, and 12pt. font (Garamond or Times New Roman are easiest to read).


1). Compare and contrast Greek and Roman social, religious, and political institutions. What were the most important contributions of each and what are their legacies within western culture? To answer this question, you might consider the following questions: Who were the key thinkers within Greek and Roman societies and what did they write about? What made Greek and Roman politics unique in the ancient world? In what ways were Greeks influential to Romans? Why was the formation of Roman law so significant? What types of social and religious hierarchies existed within these two societies and how did they function?

2). Describe the ways that the Greeks and Romans formed the first Western Culture. To answer this question, you might consider the following questions: How were they different from neighboring civilizations/empires? What new answers did their great thinkers offer to the meaning of life? What were Greek and Latin literary contributions? How did their art & architecture create new interpretations of and adaptations to life? How did they spread this civilization throughout the Ancient World?

3). Compare and contrast the empiresof the ancient world. To answer this question, you might consider the following questions: Which were the first empires and how did they come about? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the universal empires of Assyria and Persia? How did the Greeks fail at empire yet succeed at civilization? Why was the Roman Empire so successful? What caused the ultimate failure of the western portion of the Roman Empire, and what were its consequences?

Reference no: EM13851356

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