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As manager of a customer service center, you want to help improve communications between employees and customer. In this assignment, compose an email to be sent to all CSR (customer service representatives) explaining the concept of You Attitude and Reader benefits. In a Formal Email explain the concepts and encourage the employees to plan, write and revise their email communications for positive emphasis. Review pages 90 - 97; 101 - 108 to help prepare this email. Be sure the email clearly defines You- attitude, lists Reader benefits, and the models the positive attitude you are asking the employees to use. For Formal Email Writing see pages 219 - 224 for examples of how to format an email for professional inquiries. Your submission should include all elements of the email: Address, Subject Line, Salutation, and Signature Block. You can compose this on your computer and copy and paste a screen shot in a Word document, or compose it in a document that replicates an email format.

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