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Access to electricity in most African countries is a challenge. Electricity distribution is only limited to major cities and towns. Most rural areas do not have access to electricity and the common source of light energy include the use of lamps that consume a lot of kerosene. However, not all families afford to buy kerosene on a regular basis because most people live below the poverty line. This meant that most families would be forced to use firewood as a source of heat and light energy. All this forms of energy were not reliable and were also destructive to the environment. The use of kerosene in lamps was not only harmful but also destructive to the environment. The smoke emitted by the kerosene lamps would affect the health of the young children who used the tin lamps to read every evening. The smoke was also source of pollution to the environment. However, the use of kerosene was also not sustainable to the families because it required the continuous purchase of kerosene and most families do not have stable incomes. This would thus make many families to opt for firewood as source of energy. The use of wood leads to the destruction of forests and thus affecting the environment. This problems made me to find a sustainable solution through the use of solar energy. The sun energy is very much available on African countries. I therefore designed solar panels that were low cost that would be availed to most of the rural population so that they would tap the solar energy which is converted by the panels to light energy which is cleaner, cheaper readily available and sustainable source of energy. The solar energy would thus enable the young children to read uninterrupted and also lead healthier lives.

Now that you have received feedback to your new product ideas, you are going to decide on one idea to pursue. In this assignment, you are going to go deeper into presenting your idea.


  • Your product description shows a valid value proposition and is logically presented.
  • You present valid features and benefits.
  • Your key success factors are logical, well-documented and apply to the customer.

Reference no: EM13835009

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