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Significant time was spent in class assignments and exercises in exploring that the process selected by a firm for a product or service must fit with a specific combination of volume and variety that is there are some combinations of expected product volume and the variety (flexibility) of items produced that produce a good strategic fit, and other combinations that produce a poor strategic fit. Give an example of a volume and variety that would be a poor strategic fit and explain what might be done to change the process to make the fit better.

Reference no: EM13761720

Outside interferences with effective communication

Identify and describe three examles of outside interferences with effective communication. Discuss the idea that an information system by itself can rarely provide a sustainab

Critical role in development of health care professionals

Education continues to play a critical role in the development of health care professionals. Based on your selected profession, locate at least three schools that offer gradua

Define liability of foreignness and regionalism

Define liability of foreignness and regionalism. Describe corporate strategic alliance and discuss why a company would want to develop one. Are strategic alliances necessary f

Discuss importance of formulating and implementing strategy

Discuss the importance of formulating and implementing strategy. Organizations that manage strategically tend to outperform those that do not. It is important to understand st

About the paint contractor

Moore walked outside her house and encountered Smith, a paint contractor. Smith told Moore that he was there to paint Moore's house. Moore had not requested Smith's services.

Just-in-time training project team

Give your opinion after reviewing the scope planning and WBS documents prepared by the Just-In-Time Training project team. Do these examples seem too broad or too detailed in

Training is an essential hr activity

Training is an essential HR activity. Use the Argosy University online library resources and your textbooks to read about employee training programs. On the basis of your lear

Rules of the game as component of organizational culture

Which of the following is an example of "rules of the game" as a component of organizational culture? Which of the following single components can most appropriately be consid


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