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You are to define the phrases: a) Colloquial language in writing, b) Declarative statements in writing, c) paraphrasing, and c) Formal language in writing. Provide a short summary discussing each phrase or term (two to three paragraphs for each) and provide an example of each as they pertain to writing. (Beyond quotations, your own words are preferred.)

Reference no: EM131124402

Accepting monet from several bars

Matt,a state sebator, is charged with bribery. He is accused of accepting monet from several bars and restaurants in exchange for his promise to vote for a bill that would red

Identify the type of labor and capital-control and planning

Classify the following examples as continuous, line, batch, or project flow processes. Identify the type of Labor (skills, task type, pay), Capital (Investment, Inventory, Equ

About analyzing an organizational structure

How would you go about analyzing an organizational structure in terms of creating a work breakdown structure? What are the major organizational characteristics that you would

Performance lawn equipment case study in business analytics

Performance Lawn Equipment case study in Business Analytics text by James R. Evans. The problem statement is: "An important part of planning manufacturing capacity is having a

Distributive or integrative negotiations

Your role is to determine whether distributive or integrative negotiations will be preferred in this scenario between the job applicant and the supervisor, and respond to th

What levels of the hierarchy of controls

What levels of the hierarchy of controls are most applicable to system safety? Are any levels not useful when applying system safety? Provide one or more examples that suppo

How many containers are needed

A JIT system uses kanban cards to authorize movement of incoming parts. In one portion of the system, a work center uses an average of 93 parts per hour while running. The man

Corruption perceptions index is comparative assessment

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is a comparative assessment of a country's integrity performance. Visit this cite and find the most recent rank


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