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As the manager of human resources (HR) in a medium-size company that is involved with several Affirmative Action initiatives, you have noticed that the racial makeup of your workforce has an increasing number of multiracial employees (or workers who are offspring of a biracial couple). You are preparing to meet with a supervisor who is seeking some advice from you. Knowing that different racial groups have different values and that his approach to employees of different races needs to differ because of these different values, he is asking you for advice on how to categorize (in his mind) biracial employees.

Discuss the following information:

The trend being seen in the general population in terms of people who could be characterized as biracial. Study the links listed and provide some advice to a supervisor of a department that consists of Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, and a number of biracial employees. Specifically address how the supervisor should classify the biracial employee in terms of how the supervisor might treat the employee.

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Reference no: EM1331837

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