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§  Is intended to improve your research and documentation skills

§  Must not be plagiarized.  You will be given a grade of zero if you submit unacknowledged material as your own.  There will be no rewrite.

These are the steps you should follow to complete this assignment

  1. Choose ONE reading that you want to work with from the reading list below.  All readings are from your textbook:

Black Men and Public Spaces - Staples

Ain't I a Woman? - Truth

For Minorities Timing Is Everything - Johnson

Homeless - Quindlen

Smoking Is Good for My Business - Gisburg


2.            Identify information or ideas within that reading that interest you.  You may agree or disagree with these ideas, or simply want to know more about them.  In other words, you can develop and support them with research.


3.            Write a summary of the main ideas of this reading.  The summary will be included in this assignment.  Make sure you use the correct format of a summary. (refer to p. 221-225 in Part 1 of your textbook.)

4.            Then, go and find at least one other article that is related to the reading in the textbook in terms of its subject matter.  This new article must have a writer, a published date and a valid source and can be from a print source (magazines, newspaper, books etc.) or from the Internet.  Materials downloaded from the Internet not in an article format and without the above information are not acceptable.  Photocopy it and record the source.  The copy of this new article will be submitted in the Appendix of this Documentation Assignment.  The source will be included in the Reference section of this assignment.

5.            Write an essay in the APA documentation style of no fewer than 5 paragraphs of either comparison/contrast, argument OR cause and effect using both the original reading in the textbook and the new article. You can also provide your own analysis of either the form, content, subject matter, author, tone of voice, audience, and/or purpose of the readings.  Document your essay according to the format we discussed in class.  Do not attempt to complete this assignment without using a reference text for citations and list of works consulted.

For the APA format, please consult the links provided on Blackboard under 

Course Documents 

Documented Essay Assignment Requirements 

Presentation: Your assignment must be word-processed, double-spaced with 1" margins and 12-point fonts, in a folder and include all of the following:

Title Page: Prepare a title page with appropriate information and format.

Table of Contents: Prepare a table of contents with appropriate titles and page numbering.

Summary: Prepare a summary of the reading in the textbook that has prompted your research in approximately 100 words.  In the summary you will restate the thesis and outline the information and ideas.  Do not include any responses to the reading or its subject matter.  Make sure your summary has a topic sentence which states the title, author and main idea of the reading.   The summary should be written in your own words.

The Documented Essay: Prepare this essay to include at least the following:

1.            One short quotation with proper context and correct format

2.            One long quotation with proper context and correct format

3.            One paraphrase with proper context and correct format

Reference page: The sources used in your research must be correctly listed and include the following:

1.            the reading from the textbook,

2.            the new article you have researched.

Appendix: put the photocopy of the new article you have researched here.


Solution file keeps the reading Ain’t I a Woman? Truth

Reference no: EM13116959

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