Characteristics of five basic modes of transportation

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Independently answer the following essay questions using your own words: 

  1. Compare and contrast the operating characteristics of the five basic modes of transportation.
  2. Define the roles and responsibilities of the participants or parties of the transportation system.
  3. Describe the principles of economies of distance, weight, and density.
  4. Evaluate the roles of reactive and proactive consolidation to transportation productivity.
  5. Using Tables 8.7 and 8.8 (Bowersox et al., 2013), and assuming no other surcharges or minimum charges apply, calculate the cost to ship 400 pounds of  "Glass, microscopical slide or cover, in boxes" from Atlanta, Georgia to Lansing, Michigan.

Paper Requirements

The response to each essay item should not exceed one (1) page (5 pages in total for the assignment) using double-line spacing and 1-in. page margins throughout. The writing should be free of spelling and grammar errors, and comply with the current APA style guidelines for citations and references.

Reference no: EM131296349

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