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What is a situation in your organization that could be researched as part of an effort to develop a meaningful solution in the organization? Identify the problem, situation, or issue, and describe how you would research it, adhering to the general characteristics of the scientific approach (Exhibit A.2) and exhibiting how your approach is in keeping with Deuteronomy 25: 14-16.


1. The procedures are public. A scientific report contains a complete description of what was done to enable other researchers in the field to follow each step of the investigation as if they were actually present.

2. The definition are precise. The procedures used the variables measures, and how they were measured must be clearly stated. For example, If examining motivation among employees in a given plant, it would be necessary to define what is meant by motivation and how it was measures (for example, number of units produced number of absences)

3. The data collection is objective; Objectivity is a key feature if the scientific approach. Bias in collecting and interpreting data has no place in science.

4. The finding must be replicable. This enables another interested researcher to test the results of a study by attempting to reproduce them.

5. The approach is systematic and cumulative. This relates to one of the underlying purposes of science, to develop a unified body of knowledge,

6. The purposes are explanation, understanding, and prediction. All scientist wants to know why and how. If they determine why and how and are able to provide proof, they can then predict the particulate conditions under which specific events (human behavior in the case of behavioral sciences) will occur. Prediction is the ultimate objective of behavioral science as it is all science.

Reference no: EM131153157

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