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A company has rolled out its rst Web-based email system. After user authenticates to systems Web server, server stores a cookie (known as SessionCookie) in user’s browser so that all the subsequent requests from this user do not need the authentication. Email messages are displayed in users Web browser utilizing the following HTML template:

< HTML >
< BODY >
- - - Headers appear here - - -
< DIV ID = "msg" >
- - - Email message is displayed here - - -
< /DIV >
< /BODY >
< /HTML >

a) Explain an example of an email message which you could transmit to the user of this Web-based email system and that could enable you to read all of that users email.

b) How would you change the Web-based email system in order to avoid the attack you discovered in the first part?

Reference no: EM1318627

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