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While IT provides the platform for this phenomenon, the changing behavior of users represents the biggest challenge and opportunity for businesses today. Web 2.0 also represents opportunities for those who understand and master the new way of doing things. Managers who invest the time to understand and become proficient in new approaches to identifying, communicating and building relationships with customers online will have a tremendous advantage over managers who limit themselves to traditional methods.

Blog is short for "Web Log" and is a Web site where users regularly post information for others to read. Blogs allow readers to comment on each posting. Blogs are a key tool for organizations that practice content marketing, where valuable information is shared with current or prospective customers. Bloggers can establish a lot of credibility for themselves and their organizations by providing helpful information to people who are part of their target market.

Discuss how has Web 2.0 changed the behavior of Internet users? What are the basic tools or applications that characterize Web 2.0?

Reference no: EM13892355

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