Cathy claims that utilitarianism is consequentialist theory
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1.Cathy claims that utilitarianism is a consequentialist theory. This claim is . . . .
2.Act Utilitarianism judges that an act is right based on . . . .
3.According to Act Utilitarianism, the following claim is most applicable:
4.Due to its demand that we always maximize happiness, utilitarianism has been accused of:
5.Critics of Act Utilitarianism claim that the theory . . . .
6."It is better to be ahuman being dissatisfied . . . ?" This sentence of Mill can be completed as follows:
7.In the 'it is better to be a human being dissatisfied...' quote, Mill, the utilitarian is concerned with . . . .
8.When we use words like 'good' and 'evil,' utilitarians say we really mean:
9.According to Debbie, Utilitarianism demands that we are altruistic. This claim is ....
10.Gregory claims that ethical egoism is a consequentialist theory. This claim is . . . .
11.According to utilitarianism, in determining right and wrong
12.According to ethical egoism, in determining right and wrong . . . .
13.Trisha claims that another name for utilitarianism is The Greatest Happiness Principle. This claim is . . . .
14.Shineka claims that the utilitarian requirement to be impersonal means that we put the interests of others above our own. This claim is . . . .
15.In deciding on what we must do, Mill demands that an agent should behave like a
16.According to Act Utilitarianism, an action is morally right based on . . . .
17.The following is the founder of Utilitarianism
18.Utilitarianism can be described as
19.Kant's Moral Theory can be described as
20.When we use words like 'good' and 'evil' to describe actions, Utilitarians argue that we really mean
21.According to Mill, which is most important in estimating consequences of acts?
22.A teleological theory focuses primarily on
23.A deontological theory focuses primarily on
24.Mill would argue that the foundation of our rights is _____
25.Samantha reasons that we are obligated to tell the truth no matter the circumstances. She describes herself as an Act Utilitarian. Is this description accurate?
26.Which philosopher rigorously argues for the distinction between higher pleasures and lower pleasures?
27.Joe, a conservative Christian, believes in the divine command theory, and thus claims to be a consequentialist. His claim is ______
28.If you have to lie in order to save lives, Mill would argue that
29.According to Bentham's writings, what seems most important (in estimating a pleasure)?
30.For the critics, a major problem for Utilitarianism is that

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