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Case study on Manchester Products: A Brand Transition Challenge and answer the following questions.

1. Paul Logan Inc. has decided to sell its Furniture Division (PLFD) to Manchester Products Inc. in order to refocus on its distinctive competencies in fashion and textile design. Paul Logan Inc. wants to free up its balance sheet in order to pursue a 'big push' for further international expansion of its Apparel and Home Decor businesses. What market entry strategy do you think might be most suitable for Paul Logan Inc. to enter the UK market? Provide a full rationale and justification for your recommended strategy.

2. How might Manchester Products Inc. brand transition challenge decision in terms of what to do with the Paul Logan brand name for the acquired home furnishing business over the next three years impact on the market entry strategy you have recommended for Paul Logan Inc. above?

3. How can Paul Logan Inc. build in contingency plans into its UK market entry strategy to deal with any brand transition decision made by Manchester products Inc? Outline the nature of such contingency plans.

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