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The scope of the Project (Project report) must be link to program/system/software. For computer science or IT first-degree program the scope of the project should covers all the following elements:

• problem identification,
• Literature review,
• modeling,
• system design and
• development of prototype system.

Although system development is emphasized, other computing projects such as devising new algorithm for scientific problems such as cryptography, sorting or devising methodologies for software process improvement, etc are allowed. Case study projects such as "A survey on the usage of computer among school teacher", etc are strictly prohibited.


Contents of the Project Report( INFORM STUDENT BEFORE START)

The first task that need to be done by the student is come up with a Project Proposal. Project Proposal should contain the following aspects:

• Title of the project
• Introduction
• Problem Statement
• Objective
• Project Scope
• Requirement of Software/Hardware needed in the project
• Gantt Chart
• Conclusion

Reference no: EM13335619

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