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Carter Cleaning Centers does not have a formal wage structure nor does it have rate ranges or use compensable factors. Wage rates are based mostly on those prevailing in the surrounding community and are tempered with an attempt on the part of jack Carter to maintain some semblance of equity between what workers with different responsibilities in the stores are paid. Carter does not make any formal surveys when determining what his company should pay. He peruses the want ads almost every day and conducts informal surveys among his friends in the local chapter of the laundry and cleaners trade association. While Jack has taken a "seat of the pants" approach to paying employees, his salary schedule has been guided by several basic pay policies' Although many of his colleagues adhere to a policy of paying minimum rates, Iack has always followed a policy of paying his employees about 10% above what he feels are the prevailing rates, a policy that he believes reduces turnover while fostering employee loyalty. Of somewhat more concern to Jennifer is her father's informal policy of paying men about 20% more than women for the same job. Her father's explanation is "'they're stronger and can work harder for longer hours, and besides they all have families to support."


l. Is the company at the point where it should be setting up a formal salary structure based on a complete job evaluation? Why?

2. Is Jack Carter's policy of paying l0% more than the prevailing rates a sound one, and how could that be determined?

3. Similarly, is Carter's male-female differential wise? If not, why not?

4. Specifically, what would you suggest Jennifer do now with respect to her company's pay plan?

Reference no: EM13902746

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